Memorial Southwest Hospital’s Cardiovascular Surgery program started in 1976 when the first coronary artery bypass operation was successfully performed. Over the last 30 years, the program has become one of the state’s most highly rated surgical teams. The large surgical volume allows our five cardiovascular surgeons to specialize in new and innovative procedures so that virtually any new effective treatment can be offered by one of our team members.

Texas Surgical Associates was founded in 1997 when surgeons from Houston’s largest and most successful cardiovascular surgery programs (such as Memorial Southwest Hospital) merged to provide Houston with uniformly superb surgical care. All of Texas Surgical Associates 4 surgeons are board certified and have demonstrated excellent outcomes through our database analysis. As West Houston’s largest and most qualified cardiovascular program, Texas Surgical Associates is sought after by all credible insurance programs.

From the first coronary bypass surgery three decades ago, Memorial Southwest TSA has become a mature program. They are now leaders in new and evolving technologies such as beating heart surgery, endovascular harvesting of leg vein, aortic root replacement, mitral valve repair, panaterial heart revascularization, radiofrequency ablation surgery for atrial fibrillation, vascular stenting, endovascular stent graft exclusion of aortic aneurysm, tracheal surgery, leg vein laser ablations and thoracoscopic treatment of lung disease. In 2001 the Texas Healthcare Information Council data demonstrated Memorial Southwest Hospital’s coronary bypass outcomes to be the best of any large program in Houston and their aortic aneurysm outcomes to be the best in the State of Texas.

Because of this proud history, Memorial Hermann Hospital Systems and over thirty of Houston’s top cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons created the Memorial Hermann Southwest Heart and Vascular Institute. This is Houston’s first and only free-standing hospital dedicated solely to cardiac care and surgery. This specialty hospital allows patients unequaled care.